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This item is for members of the public to book a tracker.  If you are booking for a Business or School please book via  because that site is setup for lower postage costs when hiring multiple trackers, and you can be invoiced to pay afterwards.


LTE tracker hire. Trackers will arrive 1-2 days before your chosen "event start date" (see delivery info), and should be posted back the next working day after your event ends to avoid late return fees. The quoted price includes delivery and includes mapping from Mapbox, Google and OpenStreetMap as standard. If you want OS maps and/or an insured return mail label, please add those to your basket before you checkout.




OS maps (add 1 to your basket per tracker)

Pre-paid insured Returns Label (add 1 to your basket per order)

LTE Tracker Hire

  • These GSM Trackers weigh 60g (90g with a holder) and are perfect for most events and expeditions.

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