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Personal Tracker Hire

We hire to individuals, taking part in a personal challenge,  expedition, or an organised event. Typical hire rate is £15 for weekend use. You can hire trackers for walking, running, road cycling or mountain bike, water sport and more.


We have different kinds of tracker, and will happily advise you which will work best for you. GSM units are the most often deployed for most areas of the UK, and SPOT for more remote UK locations. InReach most often deployed for use in very remote expeditions, or when 2-way SMS communications are helpful. 

Prime ATW.png

GSM Tracker

Best for: General Use

in areas with mobile signal

SPOT Gen 3 D of E Tracker.png

SPOT Tracker

Best for: Remote UK use. Areas with limited or no mobile signal

DofE GPS Tracker Hire.png

InReach Tracker

Best for: Remote use

abroad, or when 2-way SMS is needed

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