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Tracker Hire for Canoing, Kayaking, and Sailing

Trackers for Cycle events and Motorsport

We have three types of GPS Tracker suitable for most events

RFID Timing.jpg
Sailing GPS Tracker Hire

GSM Trackers which are suitable for most UK inland use

Prime ATW.png
  • Small, Lightweight 60 - 80 grams

  • Up to 7 days battery life

  • Rechargable Battery

  • Frequent updates (10s up to 5 min)

  • Transmit via multi-network mobile

SPOT Trackers suitable for more remote areas and some coastal waters

SPOT Gen 3 D of E Tracker.png
  • 140 grams

  • Up to 45 days battery life

  • Replacable AAA batteries

  • Updates (5 or 10 min)

  • 2.5 min updates are possible for additional hire fee

  • Transmit via Globalstar satellites

Iridium Trackers (Garmin InReach) that have 100% global coverage and will work on all the oceans

DofE GPS Tracker Hire.png
InReach Mini.png
  • 213g (Explorer+), 100g (mini)

  • 100 hours (Exp+), 90 hours (mini)

  • Rechargeable battery

  • Updates (10 min)

  • 10 mins (5 min and 2 min are possible for additional hire fee)

  • Transmit via Iridium satellites

Call us to discuss your requirement, on 01905 570880

or email us.

If you are ready to order, use one of the links to hire now

Canoe Canoeing GPS Tracker Hire
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